Health and Wellness


Why is exercise good for mood?

It improves . . .

brain blood flow
efficient oxygen
glucose metabolism
neuron response to stress
serotonin to the brain
protection of the brain against molecules that overexcite
           like trauma, mood disorders and other situations
anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder are highly treatable if you understand sub-types


Mood:  a relatively long lasting emotional state.  It differs from emotion in that it is less specific, less intense
and less likely to be triggered by a clearly identifiable stimulus or event.

Emotion:  a complex psycho-physiological experience of our thoughts as influenced by internal and external factors,
colored by how we perceive people and 
events in our lives, and can change over time.   In humans,
emotion involves physiological arousal
expressive behaviors, and conscious experience.

Feeling:  conscious, subjective experience of emotion in select areas of the body.


To view a video on the how the brain can improve physical and emotional health click on >>   MOOD AND THE BRAIN


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