Hope involves having a positive mind set and carrying it out in all aspects of your life.


Connection to All Existence:  a union with nature and a respect for all things . . .   other people, plants, animals, the land, water and the entire Earth in all her majesty, as well as a connection to the outer reaches of the Universe . . .   the sky, stars, planets and beyond, where each and every element of existence works together in magical unison.

Connection to a Higher Power:  a deep and respectful union with the Great Spirit completes the Circle of Existence and,
through the meaningful 
interrelationship of each and every part of existence, eternity is ensured.

Contentment:  strive to achieve harmony and balance between your mind, body, heart and soul through.

Self-Confidence:  by getting in touch with your inner self and releasing positive energies to empower the body, mind and spirit.

Self-Improvement:  by recognizing what you want in life, the difference between right and wrong and living accordingly.

Inner-Peace:  by releasing negative forces and replacing them with love, acceptance, understanding and compassion.

Inner-Balance:  by better managing conflict and anxiety as well as letting go of all guilt.

Positivism:  by acknowledging eternal truth and enlightenment, which includes inner-strength, health, resilience, radiance, joy,
     love, happiness and a deeper awareness of one’s own truth, expansiveness, youthfulness, empowerment and inner-balance.

Wisdom:  by growing intellectually with an open mind and recognizing one’s role in life and working toward its fulfillment.


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