Vegetable Garden Safe Snail Trap Physics Environmental Limax Snail Slug Trapper


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Vegetable Garden Safe Environmental Snail Limax Trapper

The most troubling is that pests always eat lots of seedling overnight during planting vegetable and flower, especially snail and limax. This trap can help you to attract the snails without using any pesticides. Only fill with beer into trap, It will attract them from a 1.5 meter radius and will trap up to 50 slugs and snails at a time. For best results use more than one trap and deploy traps before planting out.

Size: 10x11cm / 3.94×4.33inch
Material: Plastic
Applicable area: 20-50 square meters

Physical damage, not harm vegetable and flower
Simple structure, easy to use, safe and reliable

Package Include:
1 x Snail Trapper

How to Use:
1. Select a location in the planting area, dig a small pit
2. Put the snail trap into pit   
3. Pour half bottle of beer
4. Close the lid
To see whether snails was drunk the next day, and take out the trap to deal with these snails.

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